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To “make a living by what we get and make lives from what we give” – Abraham Lincoln

Capacity for Africa is a renowned strategy implementation and behavioural training and consultancy company. We have built a solid reputation in the industry by providing comprehensive training solutions across a wide range of competency domains. As a leading corporate training courses provider, we cover a wide range of courses including Administration and Secretarial, Human Resources, Finance, Customer Service, Management and Leadership, Contracts Management, Procurement and Supply Chain, Project management, Information Communication Technology, Health and safety.

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image 10 Oct, 2022

Investigative Interviewing Training: Principles, Strategies & Techniques

The program describes differences between general and investigative interviewing in terms of: (1) Ap

image 10 Oct, 2022

Behavioral & Communication Skills Training for Internal Auditors

Internal auditors must develop and maintain good relations with auditees in order to gain informatio

image 10 Oct, 2022

Developing Personal Assistants (PA) Management Skills Course

At the end of the program, you should be able to: (1) Develop your management and business skills. (

image 10 Oct, 2022

Public Relations Course

Public relations (PR) involves using all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and man

image 10 Oct, 2022

Superior Customer Service Training

The purpose of the program is to develop customer service skills that increase value to the particip

image 10 Oct, 2022

Telemarketing & E-commerce Training

Everyone who sells seems to be on the phone for at least part of the day. This one day training work

image 10 Oct, 2022

The Balanced Scorecard Training

During this program, participants will: (1) Explore a powerful measurement framework for aligning st

image 10 Oct, 2022

Administrative Office Management Course

In this era of dramatic change in the business world, admin office personnel have never been more ch

image 10 Oct, 2022

Measuring & Managing Operational Risk Training

This extensive and very practical 5-day workshop is designed to build an understanding of the import

image 10 Oct, 2022

Fixed Assets Management Course

In the world of accounting, the savings potential of improved fixed asset management is often overlo

image 10 Oct, 2022

Advanced Diplomatic Protocol & Etiquette Training

With the evolution of globalization, protocol has become a highly sophisticated and strategic asset

image 10 Oct, 2022

Healthcare Customer Service Course

This customer service course for hospitals, medical centres, clinics, maternity homes and health mai

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