Banking/Insurance/Cooperative Courses

image 03 Oct, 2023

Credit Risk Management & Loan Performance Course

Financial institutions are performing a key role in economic growth as they are mobilizing savings f

image 16 Oct, 2023

Cooperative Society Organization & Management Training

The basic objective of this program is to train the leaders, members, managers and personnel of coop

image 16 Oct, 2023

Advanced Credit Appraisal & Debt Management Training

Credit extension is an essential function of banks, financial and other lending institutions and the

image 30 Oct, 2023

Health/Medical Insurance Underwriting Course

Health insurance underwriters help determine if those who have applied for a health insurance plan q

image 30 Oct, 2023

Digital Finance for Financial Inclusion Training

The program is designed to identify the impact of digital finance (including Internet banking, Mobil

image 20 Nov, 2023

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management Training

The course is an exploration of the three major investment vehicles: bonds, equity, and derivatives.

image 27 Nov, 2023

Credit Approval Process & Risk Management Course

Changes and innovations are now forcing banks to adapt their in-house software systems and the relev

image 27 Nov, 2023

Fundamentals of Insurance Course

The course presents the concepts and practices used by Insurance Professionals in areas such as sale

image 18 Dec, 2023

Advanced Operational Risk Modeling Course in Banks and Insurance Companies

With the regulatory spotlight on operational risk management, there has been ever increasing attenti

image 18 Dec, 2023

Credit Risk Analysis for Credit Officers Course

Credit risk management is the practice of mitigating losses by understanding the adequacy of a