Communication/Media/Public Relations Courses

image 07 Oct, 2024

News Media Management Workshop

Few people are natural talents when it comes to radio or television interviews, and most find it a s

image 07 Oct, 2024

Public Relations Course

Public relations (PR) involves using all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and man

image 07 Oct, 2024

Investigative Interviewing Training: Principles, Strategies and Techniques

The program describes differences between general and investigative interviewing in terms of: (1) Ap

image 14 Oct, 2024

Communication Strategy Implementation and Monitoring Training for Communication Officers

A communication strategy is the critical piece bridging the situation analysis and the implementatio

image 14 Oct, 2024

Cinematography, Editing and Graphics Training

Cinema is a language and within it are the specific vocabularies and sub-languages of the lens, comp

image 21 Oct, 2024

International Conference on Media for Sports Development

This course will prepare you for a career in various media roles within the sports industry; whether

image 28 Oct, 2024

Strategic Communication Management Training

The program is designed to foster strategic thinking and logical analysis focused on creating soluti

image 04 Nov, 2024

Public and Press Relations Course

This is an intensivetraining course on how to write effective press releases and plan a successful P

image 11 Nov, 2024

Advanced Communication and Media Training

Getting interviewed and projecting your image in the right media - print, electronic and new media s

image 11 Nov, 2024

Corporate Communication and Media Training

Getting interviewed and projecting your image in the right media - print, electronic and new media s

image 11 Nov, 2024

Community Relations Strategy Training

Community relations has recently been described as "food for the soul of the organization.&quot

image 18 Nov, 2024

Critical Communication Skills Training

Success isn’t just due to how well you use your innate skills. A much-overlooked facet of succ

image 18 Nov, 2024

Content Writing Course

The amount of information available in the world doubles every two years. Half of that information b

image 18 Nov, 2024

Effective Workplace Communication Training

This training course teaches the essential communication skills for success in life and work. One ma

image 25 Nov, 2024

Fundraising and Development Course

Effective fundraising for nonprofits such as higher educational institutions (HEIs) and non-governme

image 25 Nov, 2024

Stakeholder Engagement and Management Course

So far, one of the most vital but problematic areas within organizations seems to be stakeholder man

image 02 Dec, 2024

Project Reporting and Communication Management Training

Projects are the way of doing business and organizations need skilled people who can manage communic

image 09 Dec, 2024

Writing Effective Incident Reports Training

Nobody likes writing reports. Nobody really likes writing anything; this applies to professional wri

image 16 Dec, 2024

Writing Technical Reports Training

Technical report is the conventional format for reporting results of research, investigations, and d

image 16 Dec, 2024

Communication for Development (C4D) and Social Change Course

C4D is an evidence-based process that utilizes a mix of communication tools, channels and approaches

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