Project Management/Research/Evaluation Courses

image 30 Oct, 2023

Impact Evaluation Practice Training

The nature of development work – regionally, nationally or internationally – requires ac

image 06 Nov, 2023

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Course

This introduction to monitoring and evaluation course considers important concepts and activities fr

image 06 Nov, 2023

Managing Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (SGVB) in Community Development Projects Training

Projects bring people and social change to the communities in which they operate and, in doing so, m

image 06 Nov, 2023

Effective Grants Management Course

Grants management is the phase of the grantsmanship that begins when an applicant signs agreement wi

image 06 Nov, 2023

Proposal Development, Monitoring & Evaluation Course

This course covers all aspects of developing proposals from pre-sales conversations through to devel

image 06 Nov, 2023

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Training

This course is designed for participants to understand the role PPPs and shared-value partnerships p

image 13 Nov, 2023

Advanced Monitoring & Evaluation Training

This course builds on participants’ understanding and skills of how to develop sustainable and

image 13 Nov, 2023

Grant & Donor Fund Management Training

Not all donors have extensive regulations detailing how you must manage their funding. In the absenc

image 27 Nov, 2023

PPP Cycle Training: Fundamentals, Strategies & Methods

The objective of the PPP Fundamentals: Strategies, Methods, and the PPP Cycle course is to provide p

image 18 Dec, 2023

Resource Mobilization and Proposal Development Training

For sustainable and effective implementation of project interventions, it is essential that organiza

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