Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management Post COVID-19 Pandemic Training


This training course demonstrates the pandemic as an absolute catastrophe, which has distracted the overall supply chain activities, with significant shortcomings for businesses, consumers, and the overall global economy. Even in a regular time, it has been extremely challenging to ensure seamless supply chain operations, and senior management had to struggle to respond to critical uncertainties to protect their employees, safeguard supply security, alleviate the financial collision, tackle reputational risks, and steer the market uncertainty. The catastrophic disaster COVID-19 has compelled practitioners to rethink different aspects of supply chain management such as disruption management, resilient supply chain operations, supply chain collaboration and so many other issues, which are now a priority. Otherwise, it will be unmanageable for organizations to sustain and handle post-COVID challenges and future disasters similar to this.

For Whom: Senior Shipping, Logistics and Supply Chain Practitioners, Managers and Supervisors.


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