Oil and Gas Quality Assurance/Quality Control Training


Quality Assurance and Quality Control both ensure that industry standards, regulations and guidelines are met for every element of a project in the oil and gas industry. All the materials, equipment, components and structures will be subject to inspections that are guided by mandatory regulations, technical specifications from the contracts and quality standards. From West Texas Intermediate (WTI) to Bonny Light, the quality and characteristics of oil and gas directly influence market value. All oils have unique chemical and molecular properties, and most buyers want to have a good understanding of these before committing to a purchase. Quality assurance and quality control and inspections play a vital role in the oil and gas industry and enhanced QA/QC skills (from ISO to API) are continuously in high demand in the industry. For Quality Assurance Managers, Welding Inspectors, QA Inspectors, Painting & Coatings Inspectors, Inspection Coordinators, Plant Inspectors, Vendor Inspectors, NDT Inspectors, Electrical and Instrument Inspectors, Quality Control Engineers, etc.

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