Local Government Councillors Development Workshop


Being a councillor provides an exciting opportunity to make a difference in your local community. One of the challenges that all councillors face to “hit the ground running” is finding time for learning and development while managing a large workload. This workshop offers a range of professional development opportunities to assist councillors in their roles and provide skills and shared experiences that enhance learning and understanding throughout the journey as a Councillor. The workshop offers newly elected and returning councillors training pathways, with a range of workshop topics to choose from: 1. Performing the Role of a Councillor; 2. Decision-Making/Strategic Planning & Effective Meetings; 3. Understanding Council Finances; 4. Practical Public Speaking; 5. Land Use, Planning & Building; 6. Negotiation & Influencing Capabilities; 7. Managing Communications; 8. Rapid Reading; 9. Building Leadership; 10. Conflict of Interest for Councillors. For Newly Elected and Returning Local Government/Local Authority Councillors.

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