HR Metrics and Analytics Training


The widespread use of human resource information systems and enterprise resource planning software, alongside the increasing ubiquity of employee attitudes surveys, means that there are ever increasing volumes of human capital related data being generated by organizations. However, for years HR has collected data but failed to use it to promote strategic participation and inform senior management actions. Decision making based on evidence and analysis is essential to any organization in today’s competitive market place. In this program, a strong case will be made that HR needs to not only develop but interpret, use and evaluate much better metrics and analytics if it is ever to become a true strategic partner in most organizations.

For Whom: HR Professionals in organizations who would like to develop the role of HR within the organization; HR Professionals tasked with providing HR data to support strategy development and delivery; Senior Managers who want to understand how they can deliver strategic and organizational change in their organization - and use HR to achieve it; and IT professionals with an interest in HR data to achieve organizational objectives.

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